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Frequently asked questions

"What should I wear to my lessons?"
Anything that you are comfortable in which allows freedom of movement will be just fine. Some students dress in jeans, others in dresses. Sneakers or flip flop style shoes are generally not recommended.

"Will I need a dance partner to take lessons?"
Not at all! Most students in our group classes are primarily single, and partners are rotated throughout the class when needed. During your private lessons, your instructor will be your partner.

"Will learning to dance be difficult?"
Learning to dance can be quite fun and easy. It will take time to learn like most new things, but our instructors are world class and trained to make you feel comfortable at every step along the way to becoming an excellent dancer.

"How old are your students?"
Our students range in age from 6 to 86! Partner dancing is something easily learned at any age and is something that many people choose to begin later in life. Anyone who is able to walk can dance.

"How long does it take to learn how to dance?"
Everyone is a little different and it really depends on the student and their personal dance goals. Our students learn at their own pace and we try to accommodate each students individual needs.

"How much do dance lessons cost?"
Your first private dance lesson is absolutely FREE! As with any hobby or sport, there are many different levels of participation. Rates depend on many factors including type of lessons, frequency of lessons, and quantity of lessons. After your free lesson, your instructor will know more about your goals and rate of learning and can show you a few options.

"How often should I take dance lessons?"
That is entirely up to you. The average student takes a private lesson about once or twice a week, while others come in several times a week. We'll develop a schedule to fit your goals and schedule.

"Will I have a good teacher?"
Yes, all of our dance instructors are very talented, qualified and most of all friendly and helpful.

Why should I learn to dance?
Students have told us that besides learning to dance, they gain self-confidence, heightened self-esteem, improved posture, friendships, a place to socialize, and many other benefits. Each person finds that dancing has helped them in different, yet similar ways.


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