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Three Types of Dance Lessons in Lexington KY



The first and most important step to becoming a comfortable, confident dancer are private dance lessons. We offer one-on-one lessons for both singles and couples of ALL levels. This is simply the best way to become the dancer you want to be in as little of time as possible!

Since no two students learn at the same pace or in the same way, we tailor each private dance lesson to the individual student's needs and goals. You can ask for specific dance styles or steps, or let your instructor help you choose.

We know you're busy, so private dance lessons are scheduled by appointment and are available at dates and times that are convenient for you.


As an excellent supplement to your private dance lessons, group classes are a great way to interact with other students and try new steps. You'll have one dance instructor teaching a group of people at the same time.

Dance partners aren't necessary as your instructor will ask students rotate partners throughout the class.

Group classes are scheduled at specific times and are organized by dance style and proficiency level. It is recommended that you ask your dance instructor for information about which classes are best suited for your dance level and preferred styles.


A great opportunity to practice your dancing, get some exercise and socialize with friends ... or to make new friends. It's one thing to "know the steps", but another to dance in a real social dance setting with others on the floor at the same time. Our instructors will also be present to dance with students and answer questions.

We will play a varied selection of popular dance music. From salsa to country two step to tango to swing, everyone will have a great time!

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LEXINGTON BALLROOM DANCE LESSONS LEXINGTON KY - UDS offers all types of couples dance lessons and specializes in beginner Lexington ballroom dance lessons Lexington KY.